Today I was in Walmart (I know, they are bad and make little children sew their clothes for them) in the beauty and healthcare section when I passed by the feminine hygiene supplies and the adult diapers. I'm not sure if that is the PC term for them or not, but I'm not sure what to call them that doesn't sound even worse. Anyway, these particular ones were in a clear package and they were various pastel colors. I got confused.

Why would you buy something like that in colors? I realize we buy panties and boxers that have prints and various colors, but when it has come to the point that you can't control your bladder and have to wear diapers, do you really want something that is chic? Are they supposed to make you feel pretty? It's not like you go showing these off to anyone.

Infant and toddler diapers have cute Sesame Street characters and flowers and rainbows, but come on, they are worn by children under two and, more often than not, someone is going to see them. Sure, plain white diapers work just as well, but like I said, the kids are under two — humor them.

So, I am really wondering about this adult diaper thing now and I don't have anyone to ask. As far as I know, the majority of people I know don't use them, but then again, they could and I wouldn't know because they don't go showing them off, even if they are a pretty shade of lavender.