I made the mistake of posting something for free on Craigslist. Wow, do people love stuff when it's free. So, I have spent my day cutting rhubarb and tying it into bundles with twine. People have been stopping by at a steady pace to pick up their free treat.

We walked down to the Farmer's Market today and bought some potato bread. It has such a nice crispy, nutty crust. As we were walking down we passed by this car that made me do a double take. *sidebar* I used to have a hula dancer on my dash that my brother Ben brought back from Hawaii, and I thought that's what this was until I took a closer look. Secured to their dash, bouncing on a spring, stood a four inch figurine of Jesus in white robes. I wanted a picture but did not have my phone, and Jon is not much help. I think it would have embarrassed him to no end.

I think I want one of those dash bobbers, or whatever they are called. It's a great conversation piece. Maybe it keeps the driver from shouting obscenities at other drivers. Who knows, but I thought it was fantastic.

*wandering thought* I think I may have to purchase some strawberries later and use some of that delicious rhubarb in a pie.