My youngest turned 10 today. I can't believe I'm (I mean she) is that old. She had a blast at her party. We had peg-leg (three-legged) races, egg relays, water balloon fights and, as requested by my daughter, dunking (bobbing). We didn't have any apples to bob for so they settled for grapes. It's funny how easily amused they are at this age. We made a red velvet cake with Nutella filling and cupcakes. The cake was delicious. It wasn't the prettiest thing ever, but it was edible. The girls were grossed out when I told them it might turn their poo red. It's like an after party surprise.

Pirate cupcakes

Treat bags in a pirate's chest

Mo and the her mateys in their bejeweled eye patches

Bunting made from brown paper bags (I forgot to take down the fly tape before I took the pictures. It did  come down before the guests arrived.)

Egg the Plank (Mo looks like she is plotting in the background)

Pirate flag adorning the wall above the food

Jon and Maggie all dressed up in their pirate gear. Apparently, modern day pirates like the guitar (hence Maggie's T-shirt)