I think I need to move. Living in a town that shares its name with a Russian town, is not always a good idea. Here in North Idaho we pronounce it (Mahw-sco), not (Moss-cow). People don't get it. It's like those people who say (Los Angle-ease) for Los Angeles. Okay, I don't really know anyone who says that, but I wanted to compare it to a bigger, hipper, more city-like city.

I am almost always asked to spell it when I must give my address over the phone. After saying M-O-S-C-O-W so many times, I have finally just begun telling people to just put Mo. That's what we call our daughter, whose name Moira is never pronounced right. So, why can't it be good enough for my city?

Until we move I will be accepting mail in Mo, Idaho. With my luck, there is already a city in this fine state that uses that name legally. I mean we do have Athol (lovingly referred to as the A** hole of Idaho- with a lisp),  Atomic City, Dubois (not pronounced at all like they would in France), Melba (like the toast), Onaway ('nuff said) and Paris.