I admit I don't follow politics as much as I should, but after seeing an AP report on Christine O'Donnell and her former participation in witchcraft, my ears perked up. Apparently, Bill Maher has dug up a number of interview clips (without complete context and background)  where O'Donnell admitted to having been involved with a witch. She says on her first date with a witch she had a picnic on a satanic alter. (I thought witches were only women and the men were warlocks, but my knowledge of that world is limited.)

First, let me just say, who hasn't dabbled in witchcraft? I mean, she is a right-wing Republican and a Tea Party favorite so she has to have great tolerance for opinions that differ from hers, right? If some of these Tea Party followers hadn't been dabbling in witchcraft than how do you explain the fascination and blind support of the movement?
Secondly, I'm sure there are number of people who have eaten a meal on top of a satanic alter. Some of them may have been the meal but others, like O'Donnell, were probably unaware of its significance within the occult. It's not unusual for hunters to come across a stained checkered tablecloth and a picnic basket on a hand-built platform in the middle of the woods. At first it seemed weird, but now they are all used to it so it doesn't raise any red flags.
All I'm saying is, leave poor O'Donnell alone. She has enough trouble trying to explain away her hairdo in the above video clip.