I hate waiting. I don't mean waiting for the bus to come or waiting in line at the grocery store (after all, at least I have some smutty reading material or can gawk at the weird people who take public transportation). No, I mean waiting to get feedback for your work. It is hard enough to put yourself out there and allow others to critique your writing, but it is equally as hard, if not worse, waiting for their response.

I recently submitted some of my fiction for a writing contest. I think I have a pretty good shot — as good as any other 30-something, aspiring novelist. I mean, really, how many could there be? Anyway, the contest winners are going to be announced on Friday and I am having a hard time concentrating on anything else. Now would be a good time for me to win something. I'm depressed about not finding a new job, work has become repetitive and I miss my family. At this point in time, I would be happy to win just about anything. I would even settle for a World's Best Golfer award (in the form of a coffee mug) and I don't golf. Do you have one, anyone?