Since Halloween is on a Sunday this year the whole town has decided to celebrate from Friday to Sunday. Last night we took the girls trick or treating at the mall and Kyle went to a school dance. Tonight is a trunk or treat and Halloween party for church and tomorrow the kids are going trick or treating in our neighborhood.

Jon has literally mapped out their trick or treating area. I'm not sure if Jon's intention is to keep them safe or to maximize candy gathering. He did tell Moira this morning that getting candy is her job tomorrow and she must trick or treat from six to nine. She didn't seem to have a problem with that. Go figure.

Here are the first of the Halloween pictures. Maggie is a vampire — "Not a Twilight vampire, but a real old-fashioned vampire." Kyle is a zombie — which is kind of what he is like in the morning before school anyway. Moira is, well Moira is Moira.

She was supposed to be salt and pepper (her idea). We had gotten everything for her costume, but she quickly changed her tune this last week. We found boxes of clothes left behind by a tenant in June when they moved out of the apartments I manage. I brought them home to find dress up clothes for the girls and Moira found her "Soul Train" outfit. The types of clothes make me wonder where and how the tenant was employed. Anyway, Moira is a "'80s or '70s person who dances. Is that right, mom?"