A girl came into my office the other day concerned about something she had taken out of her old apartment before she moved out. She said when she was cleaning she found a door  inside the mop closet. When she opened the door there was a plastic bag inside. She paused here and all I could think was, 'Please don't let it be something gross I am going to have to clean.'

She said there was a blazer in the bag. "A very expensive handmade blazer." She thought she would keep it since no one but her had lived in the apartment for the past year. These were her exact words: "I checked it for blood and everything, and it seems fine."

I found that very amusing. It's not like she lives in a bad neighborhood and her apartment was really nice. What made her mind go directly to blood, and who checks for stuff like that? Has she experienced something like this before? Maybe she once found another item of clothing in a mysterious closet wrapped in a plastic bag and found it covered in blood.

I don't know. It's just weird.