Have you ever been so nervous about something that it creeps into every aspect of your life? I have a second interview on Monday for a job I really, really want, but I am so nervous about not making a good impression that I have begun to dream about it.

Last night I dreamt I was in the interview in front of a panel and I formed the most perfect answers to all of their questions. I was so poised and confident. My answers were eloquent and right on the spot. It was wonderful.

Then I woke up and I started to sweat and my stomach started to hurt. How could I ever live up to my dream? Now I feel there are unreal expectations from my dream self about how my interview will go. I am now stressing about what I will wear, which shoes to choose, even how to wear my hair so I look like a person they want to hire.

I will be glad when the interview is over. But for now, I have to keep myself from chewing my fingernails down to nothing and stressing about whether or not I need new slacks.