Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking I am a lot more clever than I actually am. I am so excited I said something witty or humorous, that I make sure everyone I know hears it -- even if it makes no sense out of context. I will repeat the story (mostly with huge gaps because I wasn't listening to anything else but my own brilliance) and people will look at me quizzically while I say, "Wasn't that funny? You should have seen the look on his face. He thought it was hilarious." Or something to that effect.

Many of you are reading this and know exactly what I am talking about. Maybe you do it too, or maybe you just know me well enough to know I do it. Either way, you get it.

Most everything sounds better in our heads when we have had time to practice. That is one of my biggest flaws when it comes to communication. While I am talking to someone I am thinking about what to say in response, so much so, that I end up missing half of what they are saying. By the time I get to make my comments they are either no longer relevant or the conversation took a whole other turn and I sound like a nincompoop. (Did you know people still use that word? I think it's mostly moms.)

When I fail to think so carefully about my responses, I end up throwing out my filter and saying exactly what I think in a reactionary manner and I get in trouble anyway. So, basically it is a lose, lose situation. You either get to hear me uncensored, which can be offensive, or highly censored and planned out, which can sound canned and unintelligent. I will stick with unfiltered. You either hate me or you love me (Okay, you can just like me, but while we are on the subject I want you to know that many people do love me. I swear. )

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