I am currently obsessed with making Rice Krispy Treats- not the run-of-the-mill treats, but different flavors and textures. They are really a very versatile treat. During Christmas I found pink and white peppermint and dulce de leche marshmallows. Those were good, but they didn't have quite the flavor I was looking for.

I find it is best to start with plain white marshmallows and add different extracts or other things to flavor the treats. Today I made peanut butter and jelly. I added peanut butter to the marshmallow mix and then added strawberry flavoring.  Next time I will probably make two thin pans of peanut butter treats and spread jam in between the layers.

Tonight I am going for pina colada treats. Coconut baking flavoring (which is thicker and not made with alcohol, which tends to evaporate in heat), shredded coconut and finely chopped dried pineapple pieces. Yummy!!!! I might have to put candied cherries in it too. We'll see.

As you can probably guess, my kids are not complaining. Jon is though, he hates marshmallows. I only like marshmallows inside things, or toasted. Plain marshmallows are not my favorite. Oh my gosh, that just gave me a terrific idea for another batch of Rice Krispy Treats — toasted marshmallow. That could take a while though, after all, I would have to toast each marshmallow individually to get the right flavor. I wonder if I can get a camp fire lit in my backyard. The snow might make it a little hard.  Hmm, maybe this isnt' such a good idea. I like my eyebrows where they are.

This could work (S'mores):

Okay, I should not have googled "gourmet Rice Krispy Treat" pictures. Now, I feel as though I have to step it up.