I used to work for a local property management company, which I hated. It didn't take more than a few weeks before I realized how scheming and unethical the management/owner was. I stayed at the job longer than I should have because I thought I could make life a little better for the residents at my complexes/houses. I did what I could to take care of problems more efficiently, but I also was open about the other options new apartment hunters had in the area. (I'm pretty sure I even got a Christmas card from one of the other rental companies.)

I had an ethical and moral dilemma every morning when I got up, and I knew I was never going to change the situation. When it had become too much for me, I found a new and better job. I am hoping the incident yesterday will help skew things in the tenants' favor.

One of the buildings owned by the property management company had an explosion in the attic, which sent the ceilings down into the four apartments below. There were no gas leaks, so the preliminary assessment is methane. That's right, folks — poo gas. I always knew the place was a pile of poo, but now it may have caused the destruction of property. No one was hurt, but eight or so tenants were displaced and relocated to, what I can only assume is, an even crappier apartment. The building will most likely be condemned and hopefully torn down. My thought is that this better make the city take an extra careful look at the other residences. I can say with certainty the management company and owner have not kept the buildings to code.

I feel bad for the residents (especially of that particular building), but just because something looks good on the outside, doesn't mean it is. There are plenty of good property management companies in the area where you could do business.

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