I get a rare moment of solitude today. I am home from work for the morning to take children to doctor appointments, but lucky for me, I have a little lag time in between. I am sitting in my quiet house, with only a few tinkling from the dog's collars, and I can breathe. Sometimes we forget in the day-to-day hustle of our lives, that we need some time to just breathe and reflect. I try not to do too much reflecting, because then I will just feel bad about all the things I'm not doing while I sit here breathing all Zen-like and stuff.

But it is nice, this quiet time. If you listen you can hear all the sounds your house makes when you are away. I can hear the second hand moving around my living room clock. The heater just clicked on and I hear a small whoosh of air. The slightest breeze and my old house creaks a little. It's a nice sound, that creaking. Like the house is enjoying the quiet too and just took a big cleansing breathe before settling in for a few hours of peace before we all invade her again. I wish I could do this more often — sitting still.

You probably shouldn't sit still too long because you are liable to fall asleep or begin to chant.