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Things change- we use cellphones instead of landlines, the biggest news in traffic laws is no texting while driving, not wear your seatbelts, gas that used to cost a dollar is now four, but never in a million years did I predict what I saw this morning.

Used to be the "good ol' boys", the "old codgers", used to spend their hangout time at the greasy spoons, or as I usually see near my home, the local gas station/breakfast place. They sit around in their old mesh-backed John Deere caps talking about politics, the old days, the cars that pull in, and even poke fun at the kids with the crazy clothes and hair. This is familiar, comfortable, something my husband looks forward to when he is old and retired.

But today, my whole view of this pastime has been flipped on its head. Today I walked into Starbucks and saw more than five "good ol' boys" enjoying caramel macchiatos and low-fat, no-whip frappucinos. When did this happen, and why? I know the coffee at the gas station or greasy spoon isn't gourmet, but it has to be semi-decent since they have been enjoying it for years. The atmosphere may be a bit lacking in those places- the overhead flourescent lighting does nothing to hide wrinkles and rosacea, and being surrounded by cholesterol-spiking, diabetic-coma inducing food may not be ideal, but Starbucks????

Granted, they have comfortable arm chairs and even the wooden chairs at their tables have curved seats to allow your buttocks to fit well. They play nice music and offer a weekly free download on iTunes. The pretty blown-glass light fixtures give off a flattering amber glow, and you can pay with the gift card you got for Christmas. That's all fine and dandy, but none of these guys looked like the iTunes type, they probably all carry cash, and they don't strike me as men who get Starbucks giftcards from anyone.

Anybody have any insight? Have all the "good ol' boys" gone hipster? Will they soon be sporting military-issue black glasses and corduroys? Will they put down their newspapers and start reading Tolstoy? Will they start to exercise? What has the world come to when you can no longer predict the actions of senior citizens?