We watch a lot of TV. Our viewing habits are better now that we don't have cable or satellite. We used to troll the hundreds of channels for anything to watch, even lowering our standards for terrible sci-fi movies (sorry, Mom) or unimaginative reality shows.

Now that we only use our Roku, our choices are limited. This is a good thing, as I personally can never make a decision when there are more than 5-10 choices available to me. Jon will read this and laugh. In reality, I can't make a decision no matter how many choices there are (at least, a timely decision).

We subscribe to Hulu Plus and Netflix. There are a few shows that aren't available on Hulu, so we might watch those online, but this is rare. As the school year winds down, so do our favorite shows. Most of them have already aired their season finales. This is the time of year where we get a little despondent. Sure, there are a few good summer shows, but I really begin to miss seeing Temperance and Seely every week. I will pine away the summer waiting to here Rick Castle say something witty, watch Phil Dunfey be his goofy self and Nick Burkhardt making Portland safe from the extreme weirdos.

In the meantime, Jon and I have been watching movies on Netflix. Some of them have been recent movies, but most are older independent films that are a little obscure, or were never widely publicized. It has been fun discovering new films. Here are the films we have found so far- you can click on the links to see a description of the films on Internet Movie Database (IMDb).You might enjoy them, and if you're lucky, they might help you forget how much you miss Peter's face. (hint: he is in the film One Week)

The Mighty Macs G
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days NR (I would personally rate this PG)
The Great Buck Howard PG
Cold Comfort Farm PG
Winning Season  PG-13
My Life So Far  PG-13
One Week  NR (Suggested MPAA rating is PG-13)