I was sitting in a meeting this morning (I sound super grown up) when my mind started to wander and I was only catching a phrase here and there. (Not so grown up- more like a teenager in math class.)
I was hearing things like "They have to be receptive to what we're sharing." and "You should absorb them, or try to absorb them."

Out of context, these phrases sound oddly like those of missionaries trying to bring you into the fold, but in this case, the fold is a major cult. This got me thinking about cults. One of my co-workers said she heard a statistic that said 2/3 (I think I may have misheard this- really, 2/3?) of the population have been members of a cult at one time or another.

My thinking is that most people who get involved with cults are targeted because they are searching for something, or feel they have deficiencies that only certain types of people can accept. One person's cult is another's religion, or lifestyle choice.

Have you ever been a member of a cult, or thought about it. Have you ever "absorbed" people into your cult, or looked for people who were "receptive" to what you were sharing?

Deep questions for a Thursday.

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