I am on a gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free diet. Basically, I am starving. Okay, I am not really starving, but my brain thinks I am a lot of the time. I have had to adapt from eating  whatever I wanted, to eating everything I did not want. I have to keep my protein intake up as well, which is not as easy as it sounds. I am this close to hating eggs for eternity.

During this whole process though, I have found a lot of fantastic recipes and meal ideas.  and a few great lessons.

Lesson #1: Cauliflower can be good, and good for you- as long as you chop it with a gas mask on.

One of the new recipes was the pizza with the cauliflower crust I posted yesterday. To be honest, I had never even put a piece of cauliflower to my lips before last week. I am a hypocrite. I used to get my kids to eat it by telling them it was broccoli's brother. I on the other hand, preferred the less albino of the two siblings. When I found the cauliflower recipes I decided to just leap in. As I riced it, the pungent, very unpleasant, odor assailed my senses. It smells like LuLu's farts. (LuLu is my dog, not by daughter.) Despite the awful smell, once it is mixed with other ingredients, it's not even recognizable.

Lesson #2: Never ever think recovering addicts/alcoholics have it easy.

Every time I walk by sugar; whether it is a donut in the bakery, a piece of candy corn on the table, or a handful of smashed Skittles on the sidewalk— I get an instant urge to put it in my mouth. Followed by shame, hunger and then, finally, euphoria at my ability to resist (if I did).

Lesson #3: Not everyone who says white sugar, white flour etc. is bad is a hippy.

My doctor does not look, sound or smell like a hippy and she told me all those things were bad. I have also felt better than I ever have before. So either I was wrong, or I am now a hippy.

There are surely more lessons to be learned, but that is enough for one day.

I will try to post more recipes or meal ideas here for anyone who would like to cross the line and come to the dark side.

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