This year I am thankful for technology that allows me to call my family from hundreds of miles away and send them text messages and video chat with them via Skype. I am thankful for the Internet where my family and friends can post pictures of themselves enjoying Thanksgiving without me. Okay, so I drifted a little into bitterness for a moment. I am not bitter, I just miss my extended family. Today my family will welcome friends into our home for our laid-back version of Thanksgiving dinner.

I will admit, with just a pinch of embarrassment, that we will be eating off paper plates tonight. Don't get the wrong idea, they aren't those thin, stack three high and they still soak through plates. These are quality Chinet divided plates. Our fruit salad won't touch our turkey and gravy. I also splurged and bought the good paper napkins, and clear plastic cups that look like cheap crystal. We will be using real flatware- it won't match, but it's real. Our tables are covered with pretty tablecloths. Again, I am bragging where I shouldn't. It seems the only tablecloths I own are round. Our tables are rectangular—can you picture it? I had to fold some rounded edges under to create the illusion of appropriate-shaped table coverings.

No matter what the tables look like and how they are set, we will have good food and good company. We will not be alone during Thanksgiving, and we will definitely remember this year.

I am thankful for so many things this year, and I hope I can carry this gratefulness throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, everyone!