Looking through my posts list today I noticed there were several unpublished drafts. They go back a couple of years and sit here and there in the post timeline. I started to look through each of them and they are all unfinished. The majority of them are also about procrastination. Hmm, imagine that- unfinished blog drafts gathering dust for several years without being finished, published or simply deleted.

I made a decision to go through each one and either complete or delete. Hey, wait. Did I just stumble upon my new writing mantra? Complete or Delete, Complete or Delete. It has a nice ring to it.

I hear from writers all the time who say you have to purge unfinished projects every once in a while. Stories you may have started and set aside, but never could get the inspiration to finish, should be dropped in your recycle bin. That's a hard thing for me to do. I always think there has to be merit to it if I once thought it would make a great story. In my heart, I know I am better off without all that poorly thought out baggage dragging me down. That doesn't make it any easier to trash something you created.

As I complete my spring cleaning in my house I am also going to do some spring cleaning in my writing life. I plan on going through all the papers tucked away in the desk drawers and all the electronic writing files I have to see if there are any forgotten gems or any useless pieces that need to lighten my load.

I am feeling very positive about this now, but we'll see how my mood is once I actually start my purge.