I’m a runner. Not an actual runner. A remedial runner. More like the class below the remedial class runner. Does that still count? Let’s just say my small fits of running are not because I am being chased, but because I am exercising. That says something.

I started the Couch-to-5K program with a friend. We only started yesterday so my running probably totals less than 10 minutes, but it was still running so I’m going to take it. It was harder and easier to get started than I thought.

Whoever came up with the C2K program did not really know how much couch I have been on lately. If this was truly meant for my kind of couch people, it would start with a couch-to-couch and include really bad reality TV watching. Then it would gradually build up to couch-to-recliner, couch-to-standing, couch-to-walking, and finally couch-to-5K.

I thought the running bits would be easier—I was wrong. I also anticipated I would be discouraged after the first day and want to quit, but I feel good about this. A lot of that has to do with having a “running” buddy. My running buddy and I plan on doing a 5K in August. I am being positive about making this goal happen.

But as they say, the hardest things in life don’t come easy. Is that what they say?  If so, it’s stupid. Of course things that are hard are not easy.

Confession: I am writing this while eating a piece of pizza and drinking a milkshake.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, people.

*New Beginnings was a writing prompt on Studio 30+