I shaved my legs tonight. That might not seem blog-worthy to most of you, but you hadn't seen my legs. I can't recall the last time I did a real satisfying job of shaving my legs- perhaps sometime in early autumn when it was still warm enough to wear capris.

After the first swipe, I almost put the razor aside and got out the clippers. Really, I think I could have gotten it done faster that way. So, now I am smooth-legged with a few nicks here and there. After finishing with some nice body butter, I feel and smell fantastic.

Having newly shaved legs is kind of like getting a salon haircut. You leave feeling lighter and not able to stop running your fingers through the length. With shaving, you just want to run your hands up and down your smooth calves and admire the fact that you have ankles instead of cankles today. Is that just me?

I feel perhaps I am over sharing, so I will leave it at that.