The thought of returning to work tomorrow has filled me with a deep melancholy. I would prefer to stay home and be slothful for a few more days. Although, it is nice to put Christmas behind me and begin a new year. I have not, and will not make any resolutions. I do not think it is healthy to set yourself up for failure so early in the year, and just before your birthday. Better to decide halfway through to be a smidgen more productive, lose some weight, eat healthy, write more, get your eyebrows waxed more regularly, never run out of gas, cook more than once a week, etc.- than at least you only feel bad for not keeping the resolution for 6 months instead of 12. That has to be better for your mental health.

ASIDE: Speaking of mental health- I have written an inordinate amount of my characters lately with mental illnesses. Not sure if this is a product of my working environment ( I work in a student psychological counseling center), or if it speaks to some deep, disturbed part of myself trying to come forward.

I hope the year 2014 is good to all of you.