Starting a new decade of your  life is tough, at least for me. I had a hard time with 30 and now that 40 is almost here, I feel deflated. We all have an idea of how we want things to go in our life--where we'll be, what we will be doing, who we will become--but it hits kind of hard when you get to a milestone and realize you have either bypassed those things, or haven't quite gotten to them yet.

At work this week, as I was cleaning out some files, I found some papers from an Anger Management group we used to run. One of them is the Checklist for Hidden Anger. There are a lot of things on this list that describe me and how I feel right now. I have crossed out those that are not relevant to me, but it may as well be renamed-- Checklist for Turning 40.

How do you handle big birthdays? Do you have hidden anger too?