I sometimes struggle with my place in the world. Where do I fit in the big picture? Does my place, as insignificant as it is, even matter? Am I the only one who feels like someone turned the lights out in the middle of my search?  This has been magnified by recent changes in my life- a big move, job change, postponing my chosen career path, etc. I think we all have these fears in some form. We all question why we are here, and when will we feel what we’re doing is enough.

I spent the past weekend with a group of people who reminded me why friendship and connection are so important. Sometimes you need a distraction from your brain, and sometimes you need someone to say, “That looks hard.” I’m a firm believer in finding your own solution, but sometimes you don’t know how to approach the problem. Sometimes, all it takes is someone asking the right questions, or listening to you say it out loud. Things always sound different inside your head.

On the ride home with one of my friends, we spoke at length about connection and empathy. We discussed the difference between trying to fix someone and trying to understand them.

Brené Brown does a wonderful job describing vulnerability and the importance of connection. If you haven’t heard her speak, you should watch some of her videos and interviews- especially this TED Talk:

The short weekend wasn’t a fix-- it wasn’t even a Band-Aid for my insecurities--but it was enough. I know I’m not alone, and I have people around me willing to crawl in my hole and build me a nest.




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