Most people get emotional and schmaltzy at Christmas time or Thanksgiving when there is a big emphasis on family and Hallmark is making those commercials and movies that make you cry buckets. 

Me- I get teary-eyed at Halloween. Maybe it's not Halloween in general, but the advent of fall. That would make more sense. In the fall there is a definite transition happening-- a visual reminder that the months of winter are ahead. The trees make one last effort to show their colorful plumage and then sigh as their leaves fall back to earth to fertilize their roots. I would keep fall around forever if I could. It's a lonely kind of beautiful.

And Halloween? It's not always a tearful event. (Only when I really miss my friends.) I love Halloween. I love the children in costumes with huge smiles on their faces, and the cute and creepy decorations- especially the creepy. I don't like horror films and gore, but I love to be scared- even while I hate it.  

I'm not dressing up this year- a first in several years- so I'll be living vicariously through all of you. The best costume so far? Tina Belcher- done perfectly. Tina can perfectly sum up how I feel this fall:

"Ugh, my heart just pooped its pants."

 My oldest daughter is taking a photography class- the picture below is one of hers. The topic of the assignment was Fear. I think she captured it pretty well. BTW- those are her sister's hands

Photo by Maggie, feat. Moira

Photo by Maggie, feat. Moira