Aww Wednesday. I'm so glad to say goodbye to half of my week already. For anybody who works in higher education, I'm sorry it's not Friday of finals week yet. And for those in K-12, well, it's going to be a little bit until it quiets down.

We do have something to celebrate this week though- mothers. This Sunday is Mother's Day and I will be celebrating by forcing my kids to be in nature. There will be granola bars and sweat and dirt and sore feet and lots of water. There may even be a milkshake to top off the day. 

Put your feet up, grab a sweet treat, and take a few minutes to look at these great things I found across the Interwebs:

Do you have a favorite book from childhood? I have many, and I have passed a lot of them on to my own kids. Unfortunately, they don't always love them as much as I did, or they don't love them at all. Rebecca Schorr (@RebeccaSchorr) wrote about this week in this post for Book Riot.

I always include some kind of art in these roundups, and this week it was inspired by my failed attempt to make paper houses. See Nicki Crock's amazing paper houses at High Fructose

I am loving these father/daughter illustrations by Snezhana Soosh.

I don't know what I would do without my family, but there are some people out there who live a solitary existence. This New York Times piece from October 2015 is sad (and long), but it is a fascinating look at what happens behind the scenes when someone passes away without anyone around to take care of the immediate details.

For the first time in my adult life I am reading more than one book at a time. It isn't easy, but the two I am working on have very different plots and the authors each have a unique voice.

A Doubter's Almanac by Ethan Canin

Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume

Canin's book takes a lot of my concentration, as it has a lot of mathematical language my brain needs time to analyze. Baume's book is a little lonely, and a little hopeful. They are both great reads and I hope to finish them this week.

What are you reading?



Enjoy the rest of your week.