Took Jon to work at 5:30.

Took the girls to breakfast.

Ordered a 10" hot cake- it was 12" across. 

Dropped sausage gravy in Maggie's drink, and she drank it anyway.

Invented a new breakfast- The Hot Cake Hole (hot cake with the middle missing and eggs, bacon and hashbrowns in the middle. 

Laughed so hard I peed a little. 

Went to the donut shop "down the street". 

Donut shop needs up being across town. 

Bought donuts that cost too much. 

Went to New Seasons to buy allergy medicine.

Got off on the wrong exit and ended up in Portland instead of home.

Went to Target (in Portland) and bought deodorant.

Took a right instead of a left and ended up at Walmart (still in Portland) instead of home.

Finally got home.

Took a shower.

Put on deodorant.

Found out it wasn't deodorant but body spray that smelled bad.

Used baby wipes to clean the offending odor out of my arm pits.

Put on actual deodorant.

Tried to give Ralph a haircut.

Swore I'd never give him a haircut again.

Wrote on To-Do List: take Ralph for a fix-up haircut.

Left to go to the Farmers Market.


I'm a little afraid of what the rest of the day holds.

What are your weekend plans? 

One of these is called the Eruption. Can you guess which one? 

One of these is called the Eruption. Can you guess which one?