My youngest child has always been fascinated by small things. She used to only drink out of thimbles and use shrimp forks to eat dinner. Remember those small, pink spoons 31 Flavors used to give you when you wanted a sample? She collectd them and used them to eat soup. Friends and family would give her tiny things, like plastic swords that held their orange slice to a drink, or sets of itty bitty colored pencils. 

I'd like to say she has outgrown this, but it still lingers. She still gets excited at the hor d'oeurve forks at parties and, up until she hit 13, thought shot glasses were just tiny water glasses. I will admit, it's kind of adorable. With all of this in mind, and after a tearful meetup with a baby pet rat, we knew that bringing home a cute, tiny, kitten would make her lose her mind. We were right.

Please enjoy the video below. (If you've already seen it, watch it again.) It's okay to laugh. It's even okay to cry a little. No judgement.