Today I watched as a woman crossed herself and then began worrying her rosary—mouthing the prayers. It's strange to me to see such an intimate act in a public setting. I don't know why, but seeing a person or family blessing their food in a restaurant doesn't feel the same as it felt to watch this woman today. Maybe it was the way she sat with her shoulders a little hunched and her hands curled in her lap cradling the rosary—beads wound around her fingers. 

I am not Catholic, and have no desire to join the faith, but I do like repetition. When I am nervous or anxious I often tap my fingers as though I am playing the piano* or typing. It's something to concentrate on, and helps my brain calm down. So, as I watched this woman go from bead to bead, lips moving in silent prayer, I wondered if a rosary would a be a useful tool for my anxiety toolbox. 

I just paused to read a few articles about how to pray the rosary. It is pretty specific and a little more involved than I had imagined. Now I feel as though a rosary would increase my anxiety, not lower it. I would be too worried about getting the order of the prayers right and knowing ten mysteries, etc.





*I can type, but have no idea how to play the piano. If I did my tapping on an actual piano keyboard, it would cause a lot more anxiety and people would wince.