North Idaho is straddling the line between summer and fall. The day starts out overcast with a crisp chill in the air and the world teases you with pumpkin spice everything, but then it clears and the temperatures rise a bit and you realize the coffee shops are still selling frozen lemonades. I’m ready to pop over the fence and right into a pile of leaves that no dog has peed or pooped in yet.

I keep the house cold, and take to wearing sweaters and blankets to watch television. I like to bury myself in the heavy comforters while I read a book. I hold out as long as possible on turning up the thermostat—often battling with my husband who always seems to be chilled. I keep waiting for the day that my unwatered lawn starts to fit the season and doesn’t just look like I am lazy about watering (although around here I can get away with saying I’m conserving water and most people will nod and think that is very earth-friendly of me).

I read an entire book in one sitting yesterday and today I made homemade rolls and potato soup for dinner. I’m campaigning hard over here. How can you not be nuts for autumn. Everything starts to slow down a little bit. No one is rushing to pack in a vacation while the kids are out of school, and the end of the fiscal year is just a bad memory. Kids are back in school and a routine is forming again. In my case— wake up, go to work, read on breaks and at lunch, go home, make a warm and cozy dinner, watch TV under three blankets, read a book, write a letter, read a book, and fall asleep. Sounds good right, except for the 9 hours where I am at work.

Let’s all say goodbye to summer and welcome fall with open arms. It’s the coziest season, in my opinion. Who’s with me? Should we make signs to stake in our dying lawns? Fall is a good season for crafting, after all. We’ll make signs announcing our loyalty to all things fall. I have a free day next week if anyone wants to picket against summer. We can reuse the signs I made in March to picket against Winter—it’s very earth-friendly of me.