Wednesday Roundup- 5.18.16

I'm sure the title of this post has you tilting your head in confusion, like a dog who hears a noise but can't find the source. Keep reading and it will all be clear.

*A special shout out to Ashlie and Alyssa who are starting their cross-country journey this week- the recipe and the Portland sites may not be of much help on your drive east, but there are a few things here to boost the fun factor of your trip.

This week I'm including one of my favorite recipes. I make these all the time, and no one in my family tires of them. I have varied the filling (using the same baking method) and made these with shredded pork and even refried beans. A nice addition to the original recipe is black beans.: Baked Chicken Flautas

I've been a little behind on my reading, but this week I am reading The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney.

Know any redheads in the Portland Metro area? Tell them to come and help break the world record for the most natural redheads in one place. The current record is 1672. The event is for a good cause too. Redhead Event

I am not always the best at keeping a skincare regimen, but I found this great Everyday Coconut facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It all smells fantastic, doesn't give me hives (bonus) and leaves my skin feeling amazing.

Makeup isn't really my thing, but with two teenage daughters I get a lot of makeovers. I have decided that if I am going to wear one thing, other than lip balm, it will be mascara. It really does make my eyes look good-even behind glasses. This mascara works great. It's easy to wash off and doesn't clump: Ulta Voluptuous Volume Mascara 

Remember when Grey's Anatomy was good? My husband and I watched it religiously in the beginning. It went south after a while and I haven't found another medical drama/comedy that I really liked until now. NBC's Heartbeat is my new guilty pleasure.

If you like Heartbeat and you like art, you should check out this crocheted wire anatomy work by artist Anne Mondro.

Anyone else watch Call the Midwife? Do you miss Chummy? I really miss her character, not to mention that Miranda Hart is one of my favorite female comedians. I re-watch the episodes of her show Miranda when I need a lift. You can find them on Hulu. Here's a little clip to get you started. You'll have to watch the whole episode to find out why Miranda is wearing paper panties.

My mom is coming to town this weekend and I'm going to take her to Alberta Street. Hopefully, we get to stop in at Random Order Pie Bar, collage and Pine State Biscuits. If you haven't stopped at any of these places, drop everything and do it now. You won't leave collage without a billion projects you want to complete, and what more can you say about Random Order Pie Bar and Pine State Biscuits? Yummmmmmm.

This Buzzfeed article on secretly napping at work made me laugh. I haven't napped out in the open before, but I have used my lunch hour to try to get a power nap in. It never does seem to do the trick and I always feel more tired after.

Longview, WA officially designated the squirrel as the city mascot this week. They already have a squirrel statue and five squirrel bridges. I'm kind of in love with this idea.

Photo Credit:  Jennifer/Flickr

Photo Credit: Jennifer/Flickr

Here's hoping that your week continues to be phenomenal.

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