The first day of school finally came. I thought I was going to go crazy if the kids and I had to spend another full day together. I love my kids, but there is only one kind of conversation you can have with an 8-year-old: one-sided. Maggie is fantastic, but she is a slave to details, tiny, itty bitty, little details. She may just be telling you what she had for lunch, but it will include the length of the straw in her chocolate milk, the consistency of the peanut butter on her sandwich, and the size of her napkin. Maybe she should work for the IRS or something equally OCD.

Anyways, the day kicked off great, with Maggie and Moira going back to their elementary school and Kyle starting middle school. Holy Moley, I am old. This picture of the kids does not do their increased height justice. Kyle is almost as tall as I am, and if Moira's torso gets any longer she could be Gumby.