For Activity Days the Stake had all the girls get together at Beehive Homes to do a talent show for the residents. Before she went, Maggie practiced at home. The video is grainy(it was taken with my camera phone, since we don't have a video camera), but you can still hear her. She did a reading of a poem by Shel Silverstein. She also had this funky hairdo and a bunch of costume jewelry on. She is hilarious.

Ladies First

by Shel Silverstein

Pamela Purse yelled, "Ladies first,"

Pushing in front of the ice cream line.

Pamela Purse yelled, "Ladies first,"

Grabbing the ketchup at dinnertime.

Climbing on the morning bus

She'd shove right by all of us

And there'd be a tiff or a fight or a fuss

When Pamela Purse yelled, "Ladies first."

Pamela Purse screamed, "Ladies first,"

When we went off on our jungle trip.

Pamela Purse said her thirst was worse

And guzzled our water, every sip.

And when we got grabbed by that wild savage band,

Who tied us together and made us all stand

In a long line in front of the King of the land-

A cannibal known as Fry-'Em-Up Dan,

Who sat on his throne in a bib so grand

With a lick of his lips and a fork in his hand,

As he tried to decide who'd be first in the pan-

From back of the line, in that shrill voice of hers,

Pamela Purse yelled, "Ladies first."