We spent the majority of our Spring Break up at Stoneridge, a time share place in Blanchard. They have a big indoor pool, raquetball courts and even a small little arcade with a ping pong table. One afternoon while we were there, I was trying to get some work done so Kyle took Maggie and Moira to the arcade. Maggie and Mo decided to play ping pong. Now, Maggie is not the most coordinated child and I really don't think she has ever played ping pong before, so you can imagine how the game was going. A couple of boys a bit older than Maggie came in and started mocking her. Mostly pretending to be her trying to hit the ping pong ball. Not such a good idea, (of course they would not know that, since they are not familiar with Maggie.)

Maggie became angry and grabbed one kid by the front of his shirt and began to loudly give him a lecture on how rude he was being and that he better not do that again. As he was "scurrying" off, she managed to shake an angry fist at his back. Apparently nobody has bothered to inform Maggie that she is not in a gang of street kids. Of course, Kyle just sat there and witnessed it all without doing a thing because he was too busy laughing so hard that he almost peed his pants. He is lucky Maggie did not turn on him next.

We are working throught her anger issues. Hey no one likes to be made fun of!!!!