Jon and I finally got to go camping all by ourselves this last week. Jon's parents took the kids and we went up the Coeur d'Alene River to Graham Creek. It was so nice to be somewhere quiet. We got to fish and go on a 10 mile hike. I was not catching a thing in the river so I finally convinced Jon to go to Steamboat Pond, where I caught a fish almost everytime I cast out my lure. It was so fun. You could see the fish all chasing after your lure all at once. We also saw a river otter and her two babies, a turtle, and a bald eagle.

The last day of camp a deer went right through our camp and stood there watching Jon cook breakfast. It was really cool. With our Vanagon it is so comfortable to go camping. Jon and I put down the Z-Bed in the back and sleep in the van while all of our gear goes into a tent.

At night Jon and I messed around with the exposure on our camera and took some pretty cool photos with a lantern and the fire. We came back a little earlier than we wanted to because it started to rain and it was pretty wet. After it rains there are hundreds of gigantic snails there. Jon and I gathered a few for a photo shoot.

Next month Kyle is going to Scout Camp and Moira is turning 8 and getting baptized so we will have a busy month. Not to mention that Jon and I both start at the University of Idaho on Aug. 25th. Yeah, I will finally finish that degree that I have been working on forever.

I will blog soon about our new hometown of Moscow, which is turning out to be fantastic. We really love it here.