Well my Dell laptop is dying a slow death. First the battery started to lose charge (it only stays good for about 30 minutes) and now the charger is doing weird things, like buzzing at me and not working. So now I have a dead laptop and no way to charge it unless I want to pony up $60 for a new charger. I know that I will have to eventually, seeing as how I have a ton of stuff on my computer. Fortunately I really don't need any of it right now. Jon and I are getting new laptops for the new semester - MacBooks. We are so excited to change over to Mac. Hopefully we will really like them, they are not cheap.

Just an update for everyone: Moira turns 8 this Saturday and she will be baptized at the end of the month on the 23rd here in Moscow. She is very excited. Grandma and Grandpa Humphreys are coming and we are going to show them how good a time you can have in Hippyville. Then right after that Jon and I start school- so don't expect too much of our blogs for awhile. Today we are taking Maggie to see Prince Caspian at the dollar theater in Pullman. Then we will have to endure weeks of her retelling the story to us, even though she has already read it. Oh well, at least I get popcorn.