I have decided to join a club. The Breakfast Club to be exact. The Breakfast Club is a restaurant downtown that is only open for breakfast and lunch and serves breakfast all day. They have thick cut bacon, obscenely large sausages, crispy hash browns, and everything huckleberry. This includes huckleberry zucchini bread that you can get instead of toast and huckleberry coconut pancakes that would make a nun swear they are so sinful. After all of that, imagine my dismay when they told me that there was no actual club, that the closest they could offer me was a coffee card (after 10 coffees, the 11th is free), and I don't even drink coffee.

Regardless of this terrible upset I do believe that I may become a frequent diner at the Breakfast Club. In fact after only one meal I am pretty sure if I go there even once a month I will gain back the 45 pounds I lost this year. I am really going to have to start going to the gym. Yoga with the Wii Fit just isn't going to cut it anymore.

So if you are ever in town, stop by my house and I will gladly treat you to a breakfast where I am currently their unsolicited newest and only member.

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