During Labor Day Weekend we traveled to Portland, Oregon to go to the Zoo and then to go to Winston and visit Heather and her family. Jon's parents brought Derrick and our friends Bryce and Heather and their girls met us at the zoo. Kyle went with his grandparents afterwards to Winston while Jon, the girls and I met Bryce at Saturday Market downtown.

The Zoo as always was fabulous. The grounds are so beautiful and apart from the horrible smell coming from the penguin house, very pleasant. My favorite animals at the zoo are the polar bears, but we also saw the newest addition to the zoo- a baby elephant. There was much hype surrounding the event, apparently for the first few days the mother was very aggressive towards the baby and they had to be separated. We arrived the first day they were letting the public view the pair together. After a very long line we were a little disappointed. Jon claims that the elephant was dead, but I swear it moved a little.

The coolest part of the day at the zoo though was the aviary. The kids bought cups of sugar water and the birds would land right on you to eat. I think it kind of freaked Derrick out though.

We had so much fun Saturday Market. After being downtown for just a short time Maggie decided that you have to be a little bit crazy to live in Portland. This was after seeing a bicycle with it's own drinking fountain, a toothless man playing the accordion and grown men walking around wearing balloon hats. Don't you love Portland????