While visiting family in Winston, Oregon we made the trip to the coast. We love Bandon, even though they closed down and demolished our favorite cheese factory and ice cream place. Unlike Everett and Simon, our kids don't see the beach very much, any beach. So as you can probably gather, this was a momentous event.

We stopped on the way for a picnic and to play but everyone was anxious to get to the water. By the time we left to go home there was sand everywhere and we had a huge bag of shells and other washed up material. (some of which really smelled later on)

Jon's parents along with Daniel and Derrick came with us while Heather stayed home with new little Riley Ka-Rynn. I think a good time was had by all. It was such a beautiful day, the warmest we have ever had when visiting the Oregon Coast. I really did not want to go, but the lure of blackberry picking on the way home was too much to resist. (We ended up picking six gallons of berries in all.)