Apparently the ear battering language of Klingon is the first language of several students here at the University of Idaho.  Several times a week I am fortunate enough to sit in the Commons near a group of students who converse in Klingon, alternately with English while discussing the first through the tenth dimension.   I really need to start TiVoing Star Trek episodes so I can brush up on this long forgotten language.  

Aside from the language barriers the group can be quite entertaining.  Their topics of conversation range from ethics to who has the best Warcraft character.  There are often disagreements and just this morning I witnessed quite a smashup as two members of the Klingon family 'butted heads' over an ethical question.  

I really think that the word Nerd is just not fitting.  I think I need to invent a word that is a little stronger, but not as mean as Loser.  UltraNerd?  Any ideas?

In case you are feeling a little left out, or your inner UltraNerd is just dying to learn the language, here is the link to the Klingon Language Institute.  Enjoy!!!!!