Okay people, here it is.  This will bring so much joy to your otherwise mundane existence that I feel a need to build up the suspense before revealing it here.  Like I said, this really is one of the true joys in life.  Remember when you used to have fun?  Remember those days of calling your friends, or if you were really adventurous a random person in the phone book and telling them things like:

Is your refrigerator running?

Or the classic:   

**Okay, so I never really did this as a kid, so I don't know anymore!

Anyway...  there is now a place online that will do your crank calls for you.  How great is technology?  

Getstokd.com, a company that sells coffee in small shots to add to your already caffeinated coffee at convenience stores, has come up with what they call "The Wake Up Call."  (Wow, if I didn't know myself better I would say I had drank one too many of those to write that sentence) You simply put in the phone number of a friend, relative, annoying ex and choose one of five wake up calls.  You can send it right away, or actually put in a day and time to call the person.  

I know you are thinking "that is super cool," okay maybe you are really thinking "that is super lame, and why do I use the word super all the time?," but as an adult who was for some reason deprived of crank calls in my youth I had to try it.  I have yet to hear back from my victim.  (the website does require a name and e-mail address)  Talk about suspense.

So anyway, Steve, this one is for you: