Never underestimate the need for a good adhesive.  While I myself am not a member of Scrapbooker's Anonymous (preferring instead to make greeting cards) I was overwhelmed by the size of this adhesive roller offered through Oriental Trading Co.  

Adhesive rollers are expensive, but really the best thing to use when working with paper.  I don't go through them as fast as an avid scrapbooker might, but I don't think I would feel comfortable using a roller of this magnitude.  (Notice the size in relation to an adult hand)
The description states that it has "over 120 ft. of aggressive tack, it is perfect for easy application."  (Application of what?  Wallpaper?)
And if 120 feet isn't enough for you, you can also order refills.  

Other uses for the Glue Glider Max adhesive roller:
Hanging posters, paintings, large murals
Hemming pants
Keeping your breasts firmly inside of your Academy Awards gown
Keeping hostages quiet
Re-attaching the soles of your teenager's tennis shoes
The Chinese art of foot binding 
As a replacement for duct tape

If you are really feeling the need to purchase this product here is the link: