Today was the inauguartion of the 44th President of the United States of America.  I, along with a hundred or so other Moscow residents watched the inauguartion at the Kentworthy theatre downtown.  

I don't think I have ever lived in such a liberal city before.  People in the theater were clearly Democrats, or just general Bush Administration haters.  There were raucous cheers when Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama entered the stage and hissing and booing for Bush and Cheney.   The only people who didn't stand to applaud when the president-elect entered were either neutral parties or physically unable to stand on their own.  

There were quite a few college students in attendance, most of whom attended because of an assignment.  I must admit that I was there for that reason as well.  The majority of the crowd was over 50, but there were also several young couples who brought their children along.  There were more people in the Capitol Mall than I have ever seen before, and according to a report my dad saw, not nearly enough porta-potties for all of them.

Aretha Franklin, who sang at the inauguration really knows how to make an entrance, and appeared wearing a hat with the largest bow I have ever seen on it.  It was pretty hideous.  The pastor who gave the invocation, or opening prayer, was so over the top.  He said repeated forgive us, forgive us, for doing this or that, almost as though we needed forgiveness beforehand for all the mistakes this presidency is likely to make.   Not very supportive of Obama if you ask me. 

Anyway, I already knew that Obama was a good speaker, so I wasn't surprised at how confident he sounded.  Regardless of any of my political leanings, he is our new president, so I will give him a chance.