I have never felt older than I did when my son reminded me that he will turn 13 in two weeks.  My own 34th birthday is this weekend, and I was already feeling awfully woeful, but being a mother of a teenager?  That really makes me old.  Then to top it all off, I have been looking at people's facebook pages,  (Yes, I have a facebook page, although I fought it till the very end) and everyone seems to look identical to when they were in high school.  To go even further over the edge, all my old classmate's children are toddlers.  What is this all about?  Couldn't at least one of them have a pre-teen? 

 I can't be certain, but a few of my old classmates are sure to be single and spend their weekends drinking themselves into a stupor.  So I guess I have it pretty good.   I haven't puked in years, (and never in a drunken stupor) and even when I did, at least I had someone to hold my hair back for me. (Okay, Jon has never been one to be a puking companion, but if I was desperate I am sure he would cave.)

I guess I just have to face facts..... I am old.

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