Okay all you wine drinkers out there, now is your chance to do something with all of those wine corks.  My husband is beginning a new recycled art project and we need your corks.  We are not picky... we don't care if you drink Chateau Lafite or Gallo, just as long as you don't drink it by the box.

My goal is to collect wine corks from all over the world, so please spread the word. 

 Tell everyone of your friends who believes in Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and also happens to frequent the vineyards or their local liquor store.   Tell your neighborhood wine snob who has the massive cellar of dusty undrunk bottles, to get on with it already.   

Disclaimer:  We do not promote or support the drinking of wine to excess in order to send us the most corks.  Moderation people, moderation.

Corks can be sent to:

354 W. Taylor Ave. #8
Moscow, ID 83843