Day Two

The Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere

That's right ladies and gentlemen...Texas has it and is proud of it.  This giant cross covered in corrugated siding even has a small door on the side.  I am not sure what is stored in the ginormous Christian symbol, but I have a few ideas.

Located somewhere in the panhandle of Texas, the location is also the home to Cross Ministries.
The cross is surrounded by life size bronze statues depicting the death and resurrection of Christ.  I must say here that the statues are a little disconcerting and kind of creepy.
There is even a gift shop where you can buy just about anything.  There were even large squeeze bottles with Holy Water embossed in gold on the front.  With the Jesus Fountain right outside the door to the gift shop I was tempted to ask if the water was holy.

 Seriously, I am not making this up.  I will even give you the link so you can look for yourself.

If you thought days one and two were interesting wait until you see the return trip.