Okay, so our return trip was not nearly as exciting as the trip there- we were tired, and some of us were bossy- but we still saw a few interesting sights.

Before we even left Oklahoma we spied this sign on the side of a restaurant:

I was under the impression they were fond of frog legs, but whatever, chicken works too.

At our first gas stop they had one of those hand grip games, like at the carnivals, and I thought I would give it a go.  (Side note- a personal joke in my family revolves around me being called burly at one time)  Here is the result of my hand grip test.  I got a 98- which according to the chart said I was Burly.  

My mom tried it too and with a little help she got over 100!!!!

We only traveled through the panhandle of Texas, not much to see unless you count the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere, but they do have a really nice rest stop- well their only rest stop it seemed.  We were pleased to know the bathrooms doubled as tornado shelters.