***First I want to point out- the camera adds 40 pounds and Mom- I am sorry, but in the other picture you looked as though you were going to murder someone.  

It was so nice to visit my grandparents in Enid.  I also got to see my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Carlos who live in Olathe, Kansas.  We spent time visiting, relaxing and reading and going through old pictures.  It was really a nice time.  

I must admit I was very excited at the prospect of visiting their tornado shelter in the garage.  Luckily it was not tornado season quite yet while we were there, but regardless, I made my mom and aunt do a reenactment of what it may look like if a storm hit.

We also got a chance to visit the local grocery store, which is my mother's favorite thing to do.  The store, Jumbos, offered many exciting things- some of which included a 6lb. container of Peter Pan peanut butter (Jon's favorite) and Frog Leg Fridays.

My aunt and uncle:

And finally, my grandparents.   Pictures of them now and when they were younger.