The Vandal Marching Band performs Thriller by Michael Jackson during half-time.

We've been pretty busy these past few weeks and finally have a quiet weekend to ourselves. Football started here at the University of Idaho and our Vandals have decided to surprise everyone by winning some games. We are now 3-1.
Maggie and Moira went to the first home game with us. It was a lot of fun with the exception of the man who walked into the women's restroom to pee in a stall with the door open while Maggie was in line. I am going to assume he was intoxicated, otherwise it really lowers my already dubious attitude toward certain students of the Greek variety.

Speaking of drunk, universities around the U.S. have decided to hold tournaments for beer pong. That's right folks, beer pong. Just recently they held one at Washington State University— just over the state line. I myself am still a little unsure of what the point and rules of the game are, but I think I would rather stay in the dark. Wal-Mart, however, must have got wind of the idea because they are now catering to drunken college students and their beer pong sport by placing the ping-pong balls strategically next to the red beer cups.

Enough about that. We also went to the fair. The fair here is free, it really only takes up about half of a city block, but it is still fun. I mean, there were elephant ears, so how could it not be fun? I went on a ride with the kids and felt the need to vomit pretty much the whole time we were there. The kids loved the rides, but my favorite part are the animals. This year, we found a bouffant-haired chicken. She looked like a prize winner to me.

I took all these photos with my new iPhone. While the picture quality isn't that great, I love that I can take pictures everywhere I go and post them there for your enjoyment. Any requests?