I took Maggie and Moira to a haunted house last night. A group of students on campus sponsor a haunted house to collect food for the local food bank. They do it in Ridenbaugh Hall, which used to be a women's dormitory, but now houses a gallery and music practice rooms. It was built in 1902 and is the oldest building on the University of Idaho campus.

We waited in line for close to half an hour to get in and the girls were disturbed that they had not seen any of the people before us exit the building. They were all jokes and laughter until we got inside. Both of the girls screamed like nothing else. Moira was practically sobbing, putting her face in my clothes to keep from seeing any of it - saying she wanted to go home now. Maggie, after her initial screaming fit, sounded like she was going to hyperventilate over the zombie bride following behind us. I am kind of a scaredy cat and I didn't think it was that bad.

Thank goodness for the end, where we found the reason no one had left the building. They were all in on the bottom floor doing cupcake walks and bean bag tosses.

Kyle and his friends went a little later, when the haunted house was supposed to get scarier and bloodier. They had a great time.

If nothing else, I am glad I got to experience this at least once. Now I want to write a short story that revolves around that building. Hmmm, we'll have to see.